Everyone overprepares before a big date. Nate was no different. Having finally met the girl of his dreams, he was determined to make a good first impression. He had gotten four new outfits and had his hair cut twice. This was a man on a mission. This was a man looking to impress.

Nate understood that being well-groomed was the first step in the art of seduction (and undoubtedly hygiene). He had left nothing to chance. His suit, immaculate. His nails, manicured. But what about his body hair?

Unfortunately, that’s where Nate’s grooming scissors hit a snag. You see, Nate had a dark secret. One would even say it was dark and bushy. For months, Nate had been escaping manscaping, fearing its discomfort. He had been able to get away with it thus far by avoiding changing in the gym and walking many miles just to take his shower at home.

He had attempted to tackle his untamed beast many times in the past, but it proved resilient even against razors and scissors made of the sharpest steel. Often, Nate came out of battle with nicks on his nads and cuts on his nuts, with perhaps his ego being the most bruised of all. Like many desperate others, he also mulled over waxing his monstrous mane but was reluctant to pay such high prices only to be embarrassed in front of a stranger.

Nothing seems to work, and he has tried everything. As his date drew closer, he began to feel more and more… testy towards his unkempt undersides. Anxiety and distress propelled him on a quest to find the safest, most comfortable way to shave his stones, and that was how Nateskin was born.

Nateskin empowers men to groom their manhood with confidence, without fear of any cuts or snags. Nateskin is nuts about research and development, and its patented NateSafe™ technology with anti-nick ceramic blades and micro trimming teeth helped revive Nate’s self-esteem, and he is now shaving like a seasoned swordsman.

Here at Nateskin, our only goal is to help you keep your crown jewels proper and polished at all times. We sincerely hope that our products give you the balls to invite that girl you are crushing on out on a date, or allow you to stroll from the gym shower with your primmed plums on full display.

Nateskin has allowed many men around the globe to feel confident once again; and to be honest, their partners appreciate us as well because a mowed lawn always makes the house look larger.