What are anti-perspirants anyway?

What are anti-perspirants anyway?

Deodorants are essential, but some people prefer not to use it. So what is it about most deodorants that many people have an issue with?

Deodorants are essential, but some people prefer not to use it. We asked a few people we know that don’t use deodorants, here’s what they have to say:

 “Deodorants make my armpits itchy and dry, especially since I have sensitive skin. I just don’t use them anymore.” - Yana

 “I hate the feeling of it. Especially spray deodorants, they sting and they’re the WORST!” - Mira 

 So what is it about most deodorants that many people have an issue with?


Most deodorants are antiperspirant. They inhibit sweating, therefore blocking your pores from doing their thing.



Less sweat means less odour, which is why antiperspirants are so popular. With antiperspirants comes chemicals like aluminium and parabens, here’s what their jobs are:

  • Aluminium -  temporarily plugs the sweat ducts, preventing sweat from reaching the skin surface. 

  • Parabens - prevents the growth of fungi & bacteria in deodorant.

These chemicals have a bad rep to their name, did you hear?

Aluminium has been rumoured to cause Alzheimer's if one consumes it at a high level, but there is no clear causation between aluminium exposure - from the environment, food and water or antiperspirant - and Alzheimer’s.

However, if you have weak kidneys, you might want to stay far away from aluminium. Healthy kidneys help eliminate 99% of the aluminium we absorb, so if you sold your kidneys to buy a new iPhone, well…. Good luck champ.

Don't sell your Kidneys for an iPhone

Parabens on the other hand have the potential to disrupt hormone function that can lead to conditions like breast cancer and reproductive toxicity, because of its ability to mimic estrogen cells.

According to Stoiber (2019), given the documented female and male reproductive harm, coupled with the potential for repeated lifelong exposure, it is clear that parabens should not be used in personal care or cosmetic products. However there is no definitive evidence of it. We do know that it irritates the skin for many.

So how do I not stink?

Sweating is healthy! The act of sweating does not actually cause you to be stinky, body odour comes from a byproduct of sweat as dirt and bacteria break down. It’s time for that third shower of the day!

So you can still use antiperspirant to regulate sweating, but it is definitely not for everybody.

While natural deodorants are the best option, most of them don’t really work and leave you stinking up the place anyway. Which is why Nateskin’s Deodorants are your best bet.

Nateskin Natural Deodorants

These babies are all naturale; so don’t worry, they’ll be gentle. ;)

Made with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil; they are perfect for moisturising all skin types.

And guess what, they don’t block your pores, so you can let your armpits cry it out while smelling like an absolute snack! Not to mention, it can also last all day (or night) long.

It’s time to stay away from antiperspirants, and start taking more care of our armpits. Pits is love, pits is life.