Is Manscaping Worth It?

Is Manscaping Worth It?

Manscaping puts your best foot forward. When you look good, you’ll feel confident. That means others will take a second look in your direction when you come their way. 

Benefits of manscaping

The benefits of manscaping are numerous.

  • You’ll look bigger without all the prairie grass in the way.
  • Less sweat gets trapped down there to create redness and itching.
  • It feels great when you do it the right way.

Instead of slathering your nethers with tons of shaving cream and hacking away at stuff with a razor, shaving your balls is better when you have the right tools. That’s why Nateskin should be your priority when your manscaping needs some landscaping.


What Is the Best Way to Shave My Balls?

When you need to tame the jungle down there, follow these 5 steps for a successful experience.


1. Go slow.

You cannot be careless with razors or a trimmer when manscaping. The skin is delicate, which means there isn’t much separating your essential parts from your tools. If you must use a razor, a two-blade product is your best option. It’ll mean fewer nicks and less irritation.


2. Get the right tools.

Nateskin Trimmer

The problem with a standard razor is that it clogs up quickly. That lettuce is coarse and unruly, rebelling against your efforts to remove it.

Standard hair trimmers are too sharp and broad to get the job done safely. You can take care of the upper portion with them, but the balls’ curvature creates a problem that leads to higher injury risks.

That’s why you need Nateskin. Our nick-free blades use ceramic plates with our trademarking tech that prevents sack scrapes. 



3. Don’t cross-contaminate down there.

You should always shower before manscaping. Better yet – use a trimmer like Nateskin that can go in there with you! The hot water softens the hairs, making them easier to trim. You’ll also prevent bacteria from getting on your product that could get transferred to your face.

The last thing you need is ball sack bacteria on your face when you’re getting ready for a big date – or a business meeting, for that matter.

“What’s that unique scent?” “Oh – it’s just my sack bacteria, darling.” Said no one ever.


4. Do some stretches.

Nateskin Stretches

Laugh if you want, but it takes some flexibility to shave that sack in the shower. If you take the time to stretch your hips, quads, and back before doing the work, you’ll have more luck getting into those different crevices. 

If you’re not into bathroom yoga, make sure your family jewels retain their value by using something other than a standard razor or hair trimmer.


5. Get ready for the stubble. 

When you take the pubic hair down to the skin, you’ll need to be prepared for some stubble. That means you should do your manscaping work the day before you plan to show off the results. If you do it earlier than that, your skin will feel more like sandpaper. When you do it too soon, there could be unwanted redness and irritation there.

Taking care of yourself means having the confidence to show off your balls. When you’re trimmed and clean down there with Nateskin’s help, going commando seems like a natural choice!